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Craps is arguably the most recognised table based casino game. Everybody has seen (either in real life or on television) somebody throwing two dice onto a table. They also probably thought that this looks quite easy. Everybody can roll dice! Online craps, however, is not the most popular casino game, mainly due to people not understanding it.

While basic betting in craps is fairly simple, there are more strategies and betting options in craps than in any other casino game. This is what confuses a lot of people. They see all the numbers and boxes on the table and assume that it is a difficult game.

Remember, the goal of strategies are to lower the casino's edge or, if possible, swing the odds in your favour. They don't necessarily have to be complicated to do that!

Playing craps online is a lot easier than playing in a land-based casino.

Firstly, you have more time to work out betting amounts, where to bet, etc. If you play a complicated strategy, online craps is the way to go.

Secondly, the game is much faster. In land-based casinos a person rolls, bets are paid out, other people place more bets, etc. Online craps speed this up a lot. Normally, you can play 3 to 5 times more rolls online in the same amount of time.

Lastly, some strategies require a certain pattern to develop before you bet. In a land based casino you might have to wait for half an hour before you even put down your first bet. When you play online craps, you can just press the roll button without betting and you should be able to roll 6 to 10 rolls per minute. This means a lot less waiting time before you place your first bet.

A major benefit of playing craps online is that you can sign up for a "free" account at any of the online casinos, where you will be able to play and test new strategies without it costing you anything.

The next step is to familiarise yourself with the craps rules. If you are already familiar with the rules, you need to find a craps strategy that will suit you. Here are some good ones.



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