VIP Casinos

So you want to be treated with respect? Treated differently than the ordinary casino player?

Then you need to sign up with a casino that has a VIP club. Not every casino has one. In fact, very few casinos have proper VIP clubs. Most of the time casinos call their "loyalty schemes" VIP programs. Now, VIP programs should be exclusive, and not available to every gambler.

Remember, to become a VIP member you need to gamble frequently with a fairly large amount of money. If you cannot afford it, do not even try to apply. However, if you can afford it, you will find that you will be treated like royalty, with loads of specials and gifts coming your way!

So if you truly want to be treated like a VIP, sign up with any of the casinos below and apply for their VIP program.




Casino Del Rio

Casino Del Rio is proud to offer four VIP levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Below you’ll find a list of benefits enjoyed by our preferred players. While these benefits are available to most of our VIPs, there are other “extra-special” ones reserved for our top players which are not for publication!

  • Generous VIP club welcome bonuses
  • Improved Comps-to-dollars ratios
  • Faster withdrawal times
  • Your own host or “account manager”
  • Access to elite promotions, contests, and deposit deals
  • Extreme flexibility on all terms of your account
  • Luxury gift items

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Casino King

Take your place among Casino Las Vegas’ most valued players .Don’t dream about it, experience and enjoy premium rewards and superior service!

Emerald Club exclusive benefits include:

  • Comp-points conversion ratio: 85/1
  • Withdrawals within 48 hours only! (instead of 4 days)
  • Increased deposit and table limits
  • Automatic bonuses on each and every deposit!
  • Extra special promotions and more…

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